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My work has a continuous theme inspired by memories, love, nostalgia and objects that carry meanings. My work consists mainly of linked necklaces that are designed to keep happy memories near and to act as a reminder of a time, place or a person that you would want to keep forever.

Taking old love letters, postcards, saved bus, air and cinema tickets, notes from school or found objects from your favorite beach where, stones, glass and shells are all collected and kept. With these items I create bespoke pieces of jewellery that evoke a feeling of happiness or a reminder of a time.

I also look at the different ways people express love, whether through song lyrics, poems, letters, wedding vows or other things like carving your initials in to a tree, writing messages in the sand or graffiti, where people write their messages or initials over others, creating a huge collection of words and declarations of love. These ideas have become highly important to my work and I incorporate the memorable texts by hand stamping them onto the metal, which makes each piece more individual and unique.

I work predominantly in silver creating both unique bespoke items along side a contemporary collection, my work also includes the use of gold, precious and semi-precious stones, porcelain, found objects, resin and paper.

All my jewellery is hand made and formed; therefore each piece is unique and individual.

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